Questioning the "Science"

And everything else they tell us

Most Americans feel uncomfortable questioning authority. Any authority. They learn this subservience in school. Schools indoctrinate children into mindlessly following rules, and obeying their teachers. As I demonstrated thoroughly in my book Bullyocracy, it is also the first place they learn that the adults in charge are not going to protect them from wrongdoers. Or catch the wrongdoers. After a few years, they understand that they aren’t there to learn much of anything. Instead, they are there to follow the narrative, and to develop into dutiful serfs of the state.

Forget about questioning their nearly 100% inaccurate teaching of history. Or their emphasis on a politically correct, sanitized, McHistory. Or the icons of modern establishment science. Sir Isaac Newton. An apple fell on his head, after all. That’s gravity. What else do you need to know? Or Albert Einstein. Sure, he produced a theory that no one can understand or explain, but he played a mean violin. A real scientific genius, Nikola Tesla, thought his “relativity” was junk, but who cares? All Tesla means to modern Americans is a car most of them can’t afford.

Now, with the “Woke” authoritarians large and in charge, the dumbing down has reached epic proportions. Critical race theory? Sure, White parents. Seems like a great idea to have your youngsters hammered over the head with guilt over things they can’t begin to understand and cannot remotely be held responsible for. How about having some transgender strippers stop by the elementary school and read to the first graders? And don’t use antiquated terms like “boy” and “girl.” Before, the kids weren’t learning anything. Now, they are being poisoned by insidious inversions of reality.

The reason so many incompetent people get away with promulgating so much wildly wrong information, is because their audience just passively accepts the lies. Now, to be fair, most of those absorbing the lies are woefully uneducated (remember that crack educational system), and thus really aren’t aware that they are being lied to. And because they look upon these flawed authority figures with misguided trust, they aren’t going to pay any attention to the “crackpots” trying to enlighten them. They’ve been told about “conspiracy theorists.” They don’t take candy from strangers.

The normalcy bias is baked into the minds of American youngsters. Trying to overcome it is like deprogramming a real cult member. Just let them do whatever it is they do constantly on their smart phones, which are tracking their every move. If the cell phone towers go down, then you’ll see something akin to The Walking Dead. The great lockdown further immersed them in their Matrix world. Who needs sex, anyway? Or kissing? Well, maybe with masks. My generation briefly had a really stupid expression, “Keep on Trucking.” Now I guess it’s “Keep on Texting.”

One of the rallying cries for those who’ve bought this ridiculous plandemic narrative hook, line, and sinker is “Trust the Science!” It is best expressed in a loud, screeching tone, hands waving wildly, with the most demonic Karen-like facial expression. I cannot imagine the good citizens of Salem having more irrational, deranged attitudes than the majority of Americans now have, in the holy COVID era. They determined whether or not someone was a witch by throwing them in water. If they floated, they were guilty. If they sunk and drowned, they were cool. Dead, but cool. Are we that far away from throwing the unvaccinated in water?

Science, as defined in the dictionary, is “the state of knowing knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.” More specifically, it means, “knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method.” Knowledge through experimentation and observation. Critical thinking. You know, basically everything the scientific establishment now, and pretty much always, is against.

Americans are trusting a “science” that used no scientific methodology to impose unprecedented limits on their civil liberties. Social distancing? The six foot measure was admittedly picked out of the air. There were no experiments to determine that this virus was deadly at a distance of four feet, but not six. Mask wearing? Even the proponents of this laughable symbol of blind obedience have criticized it in their unguarded moments. There is no “science'“ here. It’s about getting people to obey. Remember? Stay in a single line. Don’t chew gum in class.

How about the “science” that tells us you must wear a mask entering a restaurant, but once you are seated at a table, you are protected from the deadly virus. However, if you get up from your seat, you must put that mask back on. The virus knows. Like Santa Claus. Who you once also believed in. Exactly what kind of methodology determined restaurant protocol in the COVID age? How about the partitions protecting post officer workers, grocery cashiers, and the like? Well, unless the virus decides to go under the partition, or around it. Science. Trust it.

Almost a century ago, the great Charles Fort eviscerated the scientists of his day, in The Book of the Damned and three other books. Fort revealed just how startlingly wrong the astronomers were, about everything. He then published their laughable, quite unscientific excuses for their errors. Fort examined countless unexplained incidents, which the scientists, when they deigned to address them, dismissed with astonishing ignorance, not science. Like the scientists who attributed UFO sightings in the 1960s and 1970s to “swamp gas” or the planet Venus.

Meteorologists, we are told, are scientists. They utilize some impressive scientific technology, like Doppler Radar. And yet, their “extended forecasts” are so inaccurate as to defy belief. One could literally just look up at the sky and make a better guess. They need to bring back weathermen. Hire aspiring comedians (David Letterman started out doing the weather), or model wannabes in bikinis. But wait, that would be sexist. Or transphobic. Meteorology is the only occupation I know where you can be wrong all the time, and never be criticized for it. But they are “scientists.” Trust them.

Anthony Fauci’s pushing of the dangerous AZT drug onto AIDS patients contributed to untold numbers of deaths. He also helped to make vaccine makers exempt from any possible litigation. So if those VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) numbers are accurate, all those people who experienced terrible side effects, and the families of those who died after being jabbed, will have no legal recourses to pursue. You can’t sue science. And Dr. Fauci has said that criticizing him is criticizing science. Remember, Brad Pitt said Fauci was a great guy on Saturday Night Live. Brad Pitt wouldn’t lie. He’s almost a scientist.

The other most prominent individual pushing this narrative is Bill Gates. Not a doctor. Not a scientist. But still, it’s “trust the science” here, too. Sure, the Gates Foundation has been banned from India after his polio vaccine caused so many cases of paralysis. Sure, Nigeria was pretty upset at him as well. Maybe that’s why Twitter decided to ban the outspoken Nigerian president. And then complained when Nigeria banned them. Cancel culture, like all of identity politics, is a one way street.

For such a trusting lot, Americans are very skeptical of some things. Door to door salesmen, especially Mormons. People begging at stoplights, or on the streets. Their own families, in times of seeming need. And “conspiracy theorists.” Boy, are they skeptical of them. And the authorities who’ve trained them well since kindergarten will always be there, to identify just who is and who isn’t a “conspiracy theorist.” After all, inquiring minds want to know. You have to know who to ridicule and who to follow.

Thomas Edison once claimed that only 1% of the people were capable of independent thought. I’d like to think that figure could be raised at least a bit, but waking up most Americans is like trying to stop the lemmings at the edge of the cliff. The corrupt state is their Jim Jones, and they want that Kool-Aid. The manner in which the entire world was shut down over a year ago, without a single cop or soldier being needed to enforce it, has made me more disillusioned than ever.

If our leaders decided to emulate King Herod, and demand the first born of every family, how many would really protest? Americans don’t seem to be capable of protesting anything, unless it’s bought and paid for by powerful forces. See the BLM and Antifa protests for recent examples. At least some of the pussy hats might have been grass roots, but they were triggered by the Trump/Goldstein programming. They just wanted Orange Man gone. They couldn’t explain why.

The Occupy Wall Street protests were promising, but again many of those protesting really didn’t seem to know why they were there. I guess they just thought it was cool. And, as I pointed out in my book Survival of the Richest, only the protesters were arrested. Nothing was accomplished. Wall Street is just as powerful as it ever was, and the disparity of wealth has never been greater. Besides, that’s ancient history to the Left now. It’s transgenderism and White Supremacy at warp speed, like Trump’s vaccine. Funny how the establishment doesn’t blast Trump for that, isn’t it?

We have a legal system where only the wealthy can hope for justice. An educational system that brainwashes, and produces adults who are functionally illiterate. A medical system that kills more often than it cures. A counterfeit banking system most can’t comprehend. A marketplace that is totally rigged against 80% of the workers. A culture that is full of depravity, and lacking in talent and originality. A fraudulent electoral system no one should trust. And through every organ of this establishment, from the lowest levels of officialdom up, runs a systemic corruption that will punish those who expose it.

We don’t have to become as cynical as Tupac Shakur and his, “Trust nobody.” Trust those you love, and who love you. But trusting any part of this collapsing civilization would be foolhardy. Think of those running this Idiocracy as used car salesmen on steroids. Really strong steroids. We all know bullshit artists. Do we trust them? Why would you trust a powerful collection of them? Every time we “trust the science” they’re selling, we embrace another odious, naked emperor.