The Undead vs. the Unvaccinated

Variants, Censors, and Vaers, Oh My!

The Great Plandemic, which I believe is the Greatest Psyop of All Time, is showing impressive staying power. With the new “variant” threat, we are probably up to something like COVID-19: Part Four. It’s rivaling the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. And the horror is just as staged and scripted.

After a brief moment of uncharacteristic optimism, inspired by a surprising number of angry parents confronting their arrogant and corrupt school boards, I’m back in Ambrose Bierce territory. How can one not be cynical, watching the behavior of the majority of Americans? There is no way to sugar-coat it; they are as controlled as any of Pavlov’s dogs ever were. They hear the bell, and they salivate on cue. “Variant?” Head for shelter! Double Mask! Demand more vaccines!

The data is clear. The “science,” in fact. The CDC’s own database for adverse reactions to vaccines, VAERS, is telling us that there have been nearly 11,000 deaths, as of a few days ago, from the “warp speed” vaccine Donald Trump is claiming credit for. This is in shocking contrast to the 6,000+ deaths from all vaccines prior to COVID, beginning in 1901. Now that is something that should concern all of us. If we’re going to fear anything, fear having this dangerous vaccine forced upon us.

And even these alarming numbers are undoubtedly very conservative estimates. Supposedly, only 10 percent or less of adverse reactions to vaccines are reported to VAERS. If that’s true, are we really looking at well over 100,000 deaths or more? Now that would represent a real pandemic of sorts, unlike this virus which has never been isolated, official directives to misdiagnose in order to inflate numbers, false positives, financial incentives to misrepresent and much more.

An honest medical industry, with compassionate people obeying their Hippocratic oaths, would be stunned by these numbers. They’d be demanding an end to these deadly vaccines. After all, don’t they care about public health? Aren’t their altruistic motives the reason why they are pushing this vaccine so hard? Bribing the public to take it? They’re just trying to protect us, right? Except for these incredible numbers of deaths and injuries. Those are ignored. Called “disinformation” by the kept press. Who we are assured also cares about us. Stay safe!

Tucker Carlson has been alone amongst the television “journalists,” in talking about this scandalous issue. He’s had some people impacted by the Jab on his show, including a perfectly healthy twelve year old girl whose mother unwisely trusted “the science,” and got her vaccinated against a virus she had virtually no chance of getting. Now the little girl is in a wheelchair. Like the teenage athletes who listened to the disinformation and have heart problems for the rest of their lives, she is a victim of our criminal Medical Industrial Complex and state controlled media.

Well, at least the families of those who died, or were horribly injured by the vaccine can seek restitution in court, you might be thinking. You’d be wrong. Thanks to a horrific piece of 1986 legislation, heartily supported by a younger but already hopelessly corrupt Anthony Fauci, it’s almost impossible to sue vaccine makers. Instead, you will be routed into a ridiculous “vaccine court,” where any financial compensation will come from taxpayers, not Big Pharma.

I’d urge those who believe that “the people” will stand up at some point and refuse to obey such tyrants to go to Owen Shroyer went out over the weekend in Austin, Texas, and bullhorned crowds in the best tradition of his boss Alex Jones. He was accompanied by two people carrying billboards with the VAERS stats on them- demonstrating that the “warp speed” vaccine is by far the most deadly in history. That’s all he was focusing on- making people look at official government data.

The reaction? Well- watch the video. A few “awake” people were encountered amid the sea of humanity, but the overwhelming majority had their noses buried in their “smart” phones, or waved him off, claiming he was endangering people. Many flipped him off and cursed at him. I don’t think Shroyer just ran into an uncommonly surly and/or disinterested bunch. That is the America 2.0 we’ve allowed to be constructed. Unthinking hordes, too many of them as obese and unattractive as they are uncivil.

If you’ve watched the popular television series The Walking Dead, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to envision a really terrible future with such figurative zombies now in the majority. All they have to do is cut off the cell phone towers- and they might very well have that planned- and the zombification will turn literal. If they create real food shortages- again, a very real possibility- maybe these undead will start eating brains. After all, they’ve seen that so much onscreen. And they’re really good at absorbing the stimulus from their masters.

In my very large extended family, only my children and I, and my brother, remain unvaccinated. We are already becoming pariahs. The invitation to my niece’s wedding includes a stipulation that guests must be vaccinated or have a recent COVID test. That kind of kills my festive spirit. It’s quite possible, what with future “variants” and all, that life may never be the same in my family again. No more Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers, or birthday parties. I’m sure this is happening in all families.

We are entering “brother against brother” territory, which we know happened during the Civil War. America today is far more divided than we were in 1860. Culturally, we are two different countries. The one running everything is the 57 genders-White Privilege-trust the science side. Most of them don’t believe in God, so they place no importance on the God-given rights delineated in the First Amendment. “Hate speech” isn’t free speech. Nobody needs a gun. Let them search, unless you have something to hide. We aren’t remotely in charge.

So, as the tyranny becomes more and more Orwellian, we won’t have all our loved ones to comfort us. Most of those loved ones are buying the false narrative, and don’t believe there is any tyranny. They don’t know, or care, who Orwell is. And they adore the Emperor’s beautiful clothes. We can only hope our loved ones don’t turn us into the authorities. Remember Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Except in this case, it’s more accurately the mind snatchers.

One side has chosen “fact checkers,” the government’s highest paid employee- the dishonest Anthony Fauci, nondoctor and nonscientist eugenicist Bill Gates, vacuous celebrities, and the omnipresent “experts,” over their spouses, parents, children, and siblings. They have disabled their skepticism, except when the authorities demonize those citing their own statistics. They are skeptical of the skeptics. This is in accord with the official policy of hating the “haters” and not tolerating the “intolerant.”

This is the end result of decades worth of dumbing down, and insidious propaganda from an evil media that promotes a pro-death agenda. There are so few honest, courageous people in positions of power that they have about as much influence as your uncounted vote does. When Donald Trump is your only hope, you know the situation is hopeless. Remember, he keeps boasting about “his” great vaccine. Which almost all of his supporters oppose. They’re “awake” about the vaccine, but not about him.

The CIA’s MKULTRA program may have officially ended, but mind control is a very real thing in present-day America. I’m not sure there is a more accurate term to describe the incredibly stupid things most people have accepted and continue to mindlessly parrot. The flu is dead, long live the flu! The “conspiracy theorists” told you at the beginning that this was “just the flu.” Well, turns out we were right. But you won’t admit it. The flu is gone because wearing masks works!

Maybe Americans will eventually summon up their inner French, or British, resolve. Those countries have seen massive protests against the vaccine and the draconian lockdowns. But not here. Not a peep from the citizens of “the freest country in the world.” As of 2020, the United States ranked 17th in terms of freedom as opposed to other nations. And even that ranking uses dubious criteria and mostly ignores the shocking loss of civil liberties in this country.

Sure, we’re not Australia, where they sent police to the home of an unruly “awake” woman and arrested her for her internet posts. Can’t have any contrarian viewpoints permitted in the public square. That’s “dangerous.” Remember “we’re all in this together?” That one kind of faded away. They know that millions of us see through the carelessly constructed facade. We scoff at “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The problem is, a lot more people won’t pull back the curtain.

Last week, in my own Fairfax County, Virginia, a high ranking NAACP official who is also a powerful PTA figure, unleashed some extremely hateful comments. Well, they won’t be considered “hate,” because she’s Black, and the comments, shockingly enough, are anti-White. She literally said “Let them die,” to the anti-critical race theory protesters, who’d given me so much hope. And she said it at Luther Jackson Intermediate School, where I attended myself back in the days of America 1.0.

I bring this up to once again demonstrate what we’re up against, at every level. This woman is unknown outside of my county. And even here, the vast majority of residents (including me) have never heard of her. But she wields the same kind of unchecked, irresponsible power that those arrogant school board members do. If we can’t force these kinds of local cretins out, then how can we ever “throw the bums out” of Congress? We need term limits at every level of government.

And you can bet that NAACP/PTA leader “trusts the science.” Adores Dr. Fauci. Has gotten her two vaccines, and will get more if ordered to. Religiously wore her mask, perhaps still does. Social distances. The pandemic proponents also believe in “White Privilege” and transgender story hour. There is very little crossover between the hysterical vaccine supporters and those who are “awake” at all politically. If you can buy that a bunch of frightened, self-hating people are symbolic of “White Supremacy,” and that not only women have babies, you’re going to buy the COVID-19 story.

So are the Unvaccinated headed for literal second-class status? Will we be denied the right to travel? To vote? Will there be designated spots in restaurants and other places for us? Will they make us wear a scarlet letter? Or give us one of those color-coded tattoos Hollywood has often warned us about? Really, the Undead have swallowed the messages so obediently that I truly believe they could get them on board with executing those refusing to get their vaccinations.

The top story everywhere at this point should be the unprecedented adverse reactions, including a record number of deaths, from the COVID vaccine. If those running our “healthcare” system, our government, and our media, had the least bit of concern for the public, these largely untested vaccines would be instantly pulled from distribution. And reparations would be paid to all those whose lives were ruined by them. But to do that would be to admit the “conspiracy theorists” were right. They will never do that.

If you have unwisely had the vaccine, please don’t be suckered into taking more. Don’t fall for the “variant” nonsense. It’s all part of the fear porn, and not based on any real science. If you haven’t been vaccinated, good for you. Welcome to my world. I hope we meet somewhere pleasant, and not in a FEMA camp.