Cynicism is the mark of the intelligent mind. And, the National IQ has been denatured perhaps 30-35% since my Grandfather was born. Multitude of vectors have contributed. Denatured food supply, Rockefeller's allopathic medicine, the idiot box, and now the folks who Google "happy white woman" and are greeted with a slew of images depicting white women, black men, and miscegenation kids that are 70% more likely to commit suicide, 15% dumber, and 300% more likely to grow up without a father.

As my Father reached his mid 60's, he lamented music like the Rolling Stones, constant black riots, and the "falling morality due to those damn hippies." If only he could see what we now stare in to.

My wife was unable to reach me during 9/11. A very intelligent, and stoic Swede. Friends called her the Ice Princess. When she finally could, she was so exasperated, terrified and in shock she just muttered repeatedly, "I saw people jumping." I had to drive cross country to get home, all the flights were cancelled. For many hours on that day, the Internet news sites of that era were overloaded. So, watched the news in my hotel as I got closer to home, and laughed at how contrived, fake and retarded it all was. Just as I did when the old man in Wuhan, keeled over sideways in early 2020, as the nice commies in full bio gear carted him away. Can't recall if he was trussed or not.

Thing is, I fully understand the malevolent nature of the rather high cerebral horsepower monsters who run the world, but I just can not grok the plebes, normies, NPCs and morons who believe it all.

I am sort of glad my life is nearing its final quintile, and I will exit this mortal realm fairly disappointed in our species. Thanks jews.

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The only major bit that you missed was that the late Benazir Bhutto was allegedly assassinated because she wouldn't stop talking about Osama bin Laden having died of natural cases a full decade before the SEALs killed him.

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I had been waiting for 9-1-1 for ten years. When I used to drive the interstates, I would see cars pulled over by deputies, with three men searching through the car and luggage of the family while they were sitting on the grass bordering the berm. The "War on Drugs" at work. But, back then, they could not search without permission, but way too many of the sheeple did not know this.

But then came 9-1-1, every dictator's and stooge's dream. Now, you get to be a terrorist. And as soon as that label is slapped on you, you become a non-person. You are not even a war criminal. You are just a bug to be squashed.

The only disappointment was how poorly staged the actual event was. I mean, they could have at least claimed that the Port Authority had been infiltrated by enemies of the state and they had rigged the buildings while allegedly removing asbestos and that a nationwide manhunt was now on for the perpetrators.

I guess the operation was also a beta test to see how well operation mockingbird had dumbed down the sheeple since the days television was introduced.

Mission accomplished, NBC, Warner Bros, and Disney.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. You are our only hope!

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I so admire your courage and your writing, Mr. J. I look forward to reading your upcoming book, The American Memory Hole: How the Court Historians Promote Disinformation.

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Bin Laden ( CIA Col. Tim Osman) rolled a 7 from renal kidney failure in November, two months after 9/11. This was reported in all of the major press world-wide except in Scumerica. Funny how the Colonel, allegedly directing 19 rag-heads from a cave in Afghanistan with a laptop computer outfoxed the most sophisticated air defense system on the planet. That alone should make, "Ripley's Believe it or Not." The staged and scripted news footage of the con-artist-servative creep Giuliani traipsing through the rubble and dust in the aftermath of the controlled demolition with his tools should have been with him in female drag, his favorite attire. How many people know that FEMA scumbags were in Jew York City just a few days before 9/11? When the local press asked them what they were doing there, the response was, "We're preparing for the big emergency in a few days." Revelation of the Method. Freemasonic mockery. I knew immediately what 9/11 was, just like I knew immediately what the scamdemic of "Stupid-19" was and is, just like it is readily apparent and transparent what everything these lying, pervert, criminal, murdering motherfuckers do to us. The most astonishing thing is the inability and outright refusal of the masses that are asses to see it. Truly, this earth is run by evil, spell casting, black magic sorcerers. Don. thank you for an incisive and brilliant article.

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Thanks for the update on your trip to New York. I'm really looking forward to that video clip. Was it an msm Wakeup show?

This highschool drop-out did not believe the official story for one second. I heard the news from someone, but did not see the video until later. I knew immediately that our government had done it...although it took months for me to fill in all the blanks. One reason for the psy-op was clear right away. The dust hadn't settled before they were beating the drums of war. It was a very lonely time for me, because I had friends turn on me for questioning the event. In retrospect, I'm thankful the idiots I knew back then volunteered to purge themselves from my life. I was spared listening to their feeble-minded take on world events (psy-ops ) for the next ten years, before commiting vaccine suicide.

Strangely, the totally controlled, NWO mouthpiece, the BBC, had within a couple of weeks published a report from a Middle Eastern diplomat (I have forgotten the name...heck, its been 22 years) claiming he had been briefed about what was coming. This was the typical NWO cabal trick, of rubbing the noses of the "awake" in their globalist s***.

Like you, I believe America 2.0 was born that day, and like you I believe anyone who bought that story at the time was really, really stupid, and their stupidity created the cascading nightmare we are in now. I find it irksome that people who bought that huge lie, are now setting themselves up as experts on the NWO, and actually expecting others to pay them for their commentary. No one "woke up" due to the scamdemic. The NWO simply stopped hiding the hidden hand. Now, only the zombified comatose are true believers. Anyone dumb enough to have fallen for 9-11, has no insights worth reading now...let alone getting paid for those insights

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Great work Mr. Jeffries in your work resisting the concerted efforts of the “Big Lie” propagators--22 years running! Your presenting the simple anomaly of the lack of aircraft parts from physical crashes brings up an obvious question: Were there any real jetliners?

Those familiar with green and blue-screen technology have something to offer here.


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I know a fellow who landed a lucrative job installing a sophisticated fire control system in the twin towers after the truck bomb that destroyed the basement parking garage of one of the buildings. Numerous workers inhabited both buildings for months on end to install this equipment, all of whom were wearing uniforms that identified them as working for the fire alarm company. What a perfect cover for a second set of men covertly installing thermite to prepare for the demolition!

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Hello Donald,

What can I say, it would seem that we both recognize a monumental lie, and cover up when we see, and hear it. We look at the war in Ukraine today, and we know that Ukraine and its people are being destroyed, all be it reluctantly by the Russian Federation. Having been given no choice by the corrupt fascists in Washington, and Kiev, all of whom are in it for the money, especially the military industrial intelligence complex, who own and are a part of the deep state.

You may be wondering what this has to do with 9/11, well consider the total devastation and death toll in Ukraine, on top of which you have the lying corrupt neo-fascists, in Washington, who apparently are quite happy to go as far as using nuclear weapons to get what they want.

The hundreds of billions of tax payers dollars being gifted to the illegal Ukrainian government, led by that puppet, Zelensky, who is being kept in office with the support of far right neo-nazi oligarchs, who with the help of the CIA, and their co-conspirators in Washington put him in office in the first place.

I use the word gifted because the U.S. tax payer will never see a dime of that money returned to

them, not that the Ukrainian government will ever see the full amount of those funds, either.

What they will, and have been receiving, is by and large outdated equipment, supplied to them by the U.S. and their vassal NATO underlings.

Just like 9/11, this is all about profit and power! Caste your mind back to the time leading up to 9/11, when the Soviet Union, and Warsaw Pact no longer existed. The U.S. my apologies, the military industrial intelligence complex, and the deep state, no longer had a trough overflowing with billions of dollars, the money had all but dried up. Massive cut backs in the military, defense spending, and most importantly the bottomless pit, where billions of dollars disappeared on weapon systems that would either by design, or purpose, never see the light of day as viable weapons systems built to protect the people of the U.S.

The President at the time, George, I cannot string a sentence together, Bush, was by then the ultimate lame duck president. It is my belief that it was when the Soviet Union packed up and went home, and created a democratic federation of states, that the U.S. military industrial intelligence complex, and their bought and paid for army of Senators, congressmen, and senior civil servants, known as the deep state, much to their horror, realized that by defeating the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact, they had in effect made it no longer possible to argue for the vast amount of funding that was being poured into the defense industry. Even the budgets of the CIA, and other organisations were being cut.

It was great for the American people, the hard working tax payers, but a total disaster for the Washington swamp, the river of dollars had all but dried up.

Then one day a terrible event took place that totally reversed the good news for the American tax payers, an event which also led to a criminal attack on the very freedoms, civil liberties, and rights, of the by now, and still, long suffering American citizen.


Everything went into reverse, huge amounts of money began pouring back into the military industrial intelligence complex, the deep state was back in business, and the swamp started to overflow once more in tax payers dollars, summer had returned. In fact it was so successful, that the funding began to far outstrip what was payed on protecting the American people for the entire duration of the cold war.

So it begs the question, who profited most from 9/11? Osama Bin Laden, who although a very wealthy man, spent the rest of his life scurrying from one cave to another, until his death at the hands of seal team six, if you can believe that! The big question if you have watched the movie, is why kill him, after all the expense and trouble finding him, and it light of what he was accused of, it would have made more sense to put him on trail, and give the American people a far better sense of closure.

I suppose that if you put someone on trail, someone who has a very different narrative, and who may be able to prove his case with documentary evidence, and witnesses, not necessarily to prove his innocents, but to prove that he had accomplices , after all its not called the deep state for nothing, so why bring back someone who could get you hung.

Killing him has never made any sense to me, but I guess like most things that come out of our collective governments over the last fifty years, has anything ever made much sense to the ordinary hard working tax payer.

Just to finish, I would like to suggest that people watch as many documentaries on, or about professional demolition companies. From what I have learned, the bigger the building the more complex. Some buildings taking up to a year or more to prepare for demolition, this is so that they collapse down on themselves, without causing massive amounts of collateral damage to the surrounding buildings, does this ring a bell? I have never believed and never will believe, that the tragic events of that day were due to airplanes crashing into the twin towers.

The suggestion of what I have written, among many others who have raised this, sound almost incomprehensible, positively evil. Well, look at what is being done to Ukraine and its people, and what one can only imagine what was planned for the Russian Federation, all in the name of power, and profit.

Tom Caine

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God bless you Donald! Keep fighting the good fight. I have simplified my comments to the people who are asleep and don’t believe the buildings were imploded to this: Can you pulverize concrete by burning it? It still doesn’t penetrate the MKULTRA mind control, but it is a seed. Maybe it will spout one day.

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Dear Donald I'm glad your are moving around and giving talks,we need people like you ,speaking openly without fear to change the vibration of the matrix. We are told so many lies constantly, politicians are expert liers,they also have the media to spread their lies,and the sheeple who believe everything. I say that for many people,TV news are like the Godspell, everything they say is the only truth. So please don't be afraid to leave home and move around spreading the truth, that's your mission.

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I have said for over 20 years that the terrorists won on 9/11 or maybe I should say the deep state won that day. That led to another version of the national security act of 1947 that was even worse. We destroyed the ability to freely travel on aircraft. We instituted you might say a Stalinist security organization, to monitor us all .

You have touched on the most important things, though, as far as the investigation of 9/11 , where was all of the airplane fuselage wreckage. I don’t care what kind of fire there was or how hot it was, there should have been wreckage from the plane even if it was burned badly there should’ve been wreckage from the planes. There was an ABC reporter at the Pentagon that day who said on the air there was no fuselage wreckage. Immediately that reporter was pulled that report was destroyed and never heard from again.

Everything that happened that day was certainly not the planning of Osama bin Ladin in a cave in Afghanistan, as you have pointed out. The Middle Eastern terrorist are not that sophisticated. They don’t plan that far ahead. They know how to hijack a plane they know how to make suicide vest bombs what they do is for the absolute shock of the moment. Nothing long term or long range. They just don’t have that kind of creativity or patience to do so. Regardless of how some of these people are portrayed in fictional movies and books.

The only people who came out ahead on 9/11, was the deep state, war, machine, and forever war. George Bush and Dick Cheney grease the skids for the largest amount of spending ever for the defense industry. Trillions upon trillions of dollars wasted on war that nobody really want it and all of it predicated on a lie called weapons of mass destruction.

And where are we now 23 years later, we are deeply in debt. We have a federal government that is non-responsive to the people and a populace who no longer really cares about what’s going on

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I am so sorry I missed your "stand up" last night. To be honest, I live in Baltimore, I did not want to travel to NYC. My beloved city, the once great NYC, the city I use to love has left me cold and not wanting to spend my money in the cesspool. Failed liberal policies have destroyed it!

I hope the presentations will be on your Podcast? I would love to hear it! I am a big fan, love your commentary!

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There is ONLY ONE force that can convert hundreds of millions of tons of concrete, steel girders and aluminum cladding to dust in EIGHT seconds. Small back pack nukes, I guesstimate two in each building. Lots of them around and the ability to detune them to almost NO radiation, just the EMP.

Building 7 taken down just as "Lucky Larry Silverstein" told a fire fighter ON CAMERA that there is no need to go fight the fires inside the building with all the windows blown out and the inside on fire, cause we are going to "Pull it" and shortly they did. Hit the switch and dropped it in its footprint like all pre planned demolitions are done. It would take a couple dozen EXPERTS a week or three to plant those explosives and run the wires for the detonation.

No mention in the coverup about how the EMP from the twin towers blew out the windows and set the inside on fire, just as it burned off the paint and set tires on fire on cars parked a few blocks away.

Genius piece of work for Lucky Larry to collect the insurance he had changed to make sure he had coverage.

For sure there still some unanswered questions about the planes and some other issues.

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Yet another precious gem from the Oracle of Rant.

Like nobody else can, he makes another irrefutable case for State Sovereignty and Secession. What's that, Doc? I thought we were talking about 9/11? Good question. We ARE talking about 9/11. And CovidScam. And UkraineScam. And WacoMurder. And Vietnam. And JFK. I could go on forever with this government.

Does anybody out there seriously believe we can vote our way out of this? That we could somehow implore our so-called representatives and/or judges to actually represent us instead of themselves? If so, please let me know how. In the meantime, how's about we all get busy leaving this federal monster to fester, wither and die on its evil vine.

Texas is leading the way, away from these criminals and other states, if they are smart, will follow. Hello New Hampshire ... is that motto of yours just a nifty slogan or are you REALLY ready to Live Free or Die?

Time to answer the hard questions. Just like the rest of us, your Back is To The Wall:


Join your state's movement to leave the most corrupt, evil government in the history of the world.

It's really a no-brainer.

~~ j ~~


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I had a feeling we would hear from you Don -- thanks.

"The 9/11 lie was instrumental in constructing the tyrannical authoritarianism we must deal with today." Pretty such sums it up!

I awoke late this morning and before switching to the sports channel to catch up on the weekend football, briefly saw the Pluto Tv news, America First, or something like that which showed some young folks reading off a list of names that perished in this monstrously evil deed, all of which brought up memories such as....

Will never forget the morning of 911 .... just met my wife a few months earlier and we had a fun night out for her birthday, 9/10. So we woke up a bit late and were aghast to see what was going on via network news. Talk about shock * awe with your morning coffee

Very shortly thereafter, I caught on and at most every chance went on and on to my drinking/fishing buddies about how this was surely not as represented. I mean after all, does not most every terrorist leave his passport at the scene of the crime? In any event, I caught a lot of flak ... 'you are unpatriotic' and all that comes with the shame of questioning the gov't story. Later this morphed into further 'unpatriotic' flak for questioning the ensuing Iraq debacle

PS...sounds great, hope it goes well Don; Re: starting Free World FM soon, and I’ll have a show on there

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