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We are few and far between.......What I find very concerning is the fact that even when you blow the whistle nobody really cares....the only people who care are the people who you blow the whistle against, that's when they come after you and gang stalk you to try and get you to commit suicide, and slander you online, go to your friends and family and people you know and come in contact with and tell them all you are under investigation for child molestation. Then when you still do not comply with their wishes they then tell you that they are going to put you into prison.....My name is David Kuvelas and this is what happened to me in the USA by Jews. I'm German by heritage and Jews gang stalked me, slandered and smeared me, and tried to completely destroy my life for revealing to the public that all financial global markets are computer simulations and completely fake. I broke the code to all global financial markets, a computer program is controlling all prices and movement. I think the world should know and wake up to the fact that Jews are pure evil and do thing which people do not see behind everyone's back to destroy them and make them poor on purpose, while they use fraud to make themselves rich....This is beyond criminal it's pure evil.....and I want the world to know the truth, it's Jews who are doing this evil to the world and to myself.....David Kuvelas......God's Witness

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