I'm 54 years old almost 55. I grew up in San Diego. I had to live for over 25 years alone in the USA. Every Christmas, every New Years, every Valentines Day, every Birthday, I had to be alone. I was never able to get a girl within the USA. I grew up with a very severe complex thinking something was seriously wrong with me and that for some reason, unknown to me, that woman didn't like me for some reason. Then when I turned 48 years old I moved to Thailand, and this is where I found that all kinds of woman were interested in me. It really shocked me to see this, because it was the exact opposite of everything I encountered within the USA. All I encounter in the USA is massive hate, hate from other men, hate from woman, hate from lesbians, but in irony love from homosexual men. So in the USA I'm hated by everyone except I'm loved by gays. This almost led me to commit suicide when I was 32 years old. I hate the USA, it is Saddam and Gomorrah, and it's destruction is coming straight from God. The USA has been destroyed by the parasites who own and control the country and they have brainwashed everyone so badly now there is absolutely no hope left whatsoever for the USA and it's people. It's a country filled with nothing but massive hate, everyone hates each other. Woman hate men, men now hate woman, every race hates each other, every people hate each other. The USA is a place for gays, lesbians, and pedophiles to exist, it's not for a real person. It's been 7 years now since I left the USA and I would never step one foot in that scum hole ever again. I now live in luxury and paradise and have a beautiful woman by my side, something I should have done a long time ago way back in 1988, move to another country. I wish I could go back into time so I could tell myself what to do, to move to Thailand and escape the horror of the USA. I could have lived a decent life instead of living one in a state of depression and loneliness brought about by people who have the nerve to call themselves "God's Chosen People"....The only God they are talking about is Lucifer not the God of creation, for that God created man and woman to be together, not to hate each other as they have taught everyone in the USA to do through both Feminism which teaches woman to hate men, and MGTOW (33) which teaches men not to have anything to do with woman, thus destroying society completely all the while looking like you're trying to help. The USA is by far the most evil country to ever exist in world history, outside of Israel of course......

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As always insightful and thought provoking! Thank you

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Our interesting times is how I got here.

I love this article. This is a problem I’ve been dealing with my whole life (27) I think, (or at least since 6th grade) I’m saving this to read again.

I decided shortly after you released this article to join a church and attend an orthodox and a nondenominational as you mentioned. My goal is to learn more about the Bible and Christianity and to make some friendships I hope. I’ve met a awesome family with a 7th kid on the way. Love them so much. 😅

I know everyone feels this loneliness - men and woman - so i want to make it a goal to try and create friendships with both. With women it’s pretty hard because anytime you try and make eye contact with a girl or woman or even converse there’s the sense they “need to get away he just wants sex.”

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The love of many will grow cold as wickedness abounds.

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As a teacher of foreign language at the high school level for many years who had students for up to four years straight, I have been forced to witness this sad transformation in our society. Dating barely exists anymore and it’s form and function are warped beyond recognition. Few young people have any understanding of normal dating– as it was intended to be originally. Even if they do have an understanding of what dating is and what it’s supposed to accomplish, they cannot find a like-minded person to date. The young men, particularly white men, are lost when it comes to dating and socialization. So many of them do not have fathers at home to teach them by word or example how to court young ladies. They do not have fathers at home who encourage them with the old familiar saying that there are “other fish in the sea” when they are rejected by a certain young woman and that this is part of a normal elimination process that one goes through to find a willing mate. They, therefore, do not have the confidence and bearing to initiate dating and they do not have the intact self-esteem that they need when their advances are rejected and they are left to deal with disappointment. So we see that having a dad at home is a very important factor in successful dating for our young men. The sad part is that he is often, very often, not there.

I began teaching in the 80s when things were normal but through the years I began to see that male and female relationships were now mutated and weird which coincided with two things. The first, as I mentioned, was the increasing absence of the father from the home and the second was the hypersexualization of courtship. Rather than being based on enjoying conversation and getting to know the personality of the other person, the dating relationship began to be about pure sexual attraction and initiating sexual relations before people even really knew one another. This meant, of course, that the physically attractive began to be more valued and those who were less attractive were cast aside. After all, sexual fantasies are not built on having sex with unattractive people. It seems everyone wants a Brad Pitt or a Tom Cruise.

When young women have a father at home, they begin to look for someone very much like him. I had a student once who told me that she wanted to marry a balding man because she loved her father and thought he looked adorable that way! Average dads at home mean that average guys have a chance.

If you could see the hopelessness that young men and women feel today, you would feel the same heaviness and sorrow that I do. None of this is their fault. It has been done to them by their parents’ and grandparents’ generations that slowly but surely carved out a truly weird existence for them.

Allow me to add that the term “incel” absolutely infuriates and horrifies me. The term is spoken with such scorn about those who have been captured and driven to despair by a world that has been created for them! These despairing young people who cannot find a mate now must also live their lives knowing that the so-called experts have put them into this very sad category with its own special label. If it were up to me, this word would be stricken from all texts and never be used again. My heart truly hurts for these young people.

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"Sure, there are a lot of older people who have accumulated years, but learned very little."

And I think of the Steve Martin flick -"Lonely Guy(s)", and would seem to see the dilemma in dim light- our designed downfall, programmed into us deceitfully, aided by Hollywood black magic, and nazi-era psychologists...

It is difficult to maneuver this divide delicately, as many have had ground into them this idea of respecting ones elders - irregardless of whether or not their countenance is deserving of such respect (like demanding one respect the aging Hitler, or John Wayne Gacy...)

There has been such a break in the flow of right, good, sane thought, that most have arrived at such a destination begged by this seemingly universal lapse, though I think to call it an illusion, of sorts, a very pernicious illusion.

A shared mass-induced hallucination, perhaps? Prolonged by the will of the masses to be directed like robotic chess pieces...? How to muster within ourselves the courage required to face these crooks and devil's?

I find my solace while dwelling on and within matters of worth, such as these we discuss here, in hopes to break free of the remaining, clinging filth that I observe has been heaped upon one and all- rich and poor, male and female, young and old, though some still may be in possession of knowledge that helps to clarify, or alleviate much of this garbage that is designed to clutter and detract from our fruitful lives' potential.

I try to encourage others, but meet with limited success, I detect, so most often I spend this energy upon my own worthy Self, in order to be prepared as best as I might, and with the idea of sharing forth without saying "I told you so", come the rotten days dead ahead.

Interesting article, and thanks!

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Just wanted to let you know.....Dr Michael Yeadon banned me from his channel.....he is not what he appears to be.....

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Welcome and moving prose. Some dissonance when the statistic that 50% of people never marry follows the description of a horror retirement, meaning alone. So at least it isn't too unusual, or abnormal, to live alone. It is lonely though. You're right about that. I think for most couples over 70, it's a daily struggle to stand one another for yet another day. Sorry, I do. It turns out we need time to ourselves where we are appreciated, as no one else can appreciate us.

We are the first generation to...what?...right, grow up under the nuclear threat. This may have drastically altered the thinking of a certain percentage of people about helping to establish an eternally lasting, close-knit family tree going on 'forever'. Some may have found it more important to try and repair the human condition, away from self-destruction, and toward fantasizing about it with the help of streaming videos. While I don't see mental illness discussed, it was certainly kicked around for decades, before everyone became 100% tolerant. Glad we reached the place where apocalyptic futures outsell psychological warfare 10:1. I think. Just take a pill.

How about if we stop trying to control others, and let people smoke what they like when they like, as long as they agree not to interfere in normal, self-centered, greedy existence of the dutiful, hard-working, lonely sons of bitches that regard their list of skills attained and crowds pleased as their progeny. That may live on a while at that.

Maybe we will forge a new society, where we choose those we least considered as possible mates, and unite. Everyone. Seems so. We may decide to watch streaming violence, both real and paid for, until we too become possessed of the same spirit of solution. Great. It won't it be?

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When was this article written? Was it before or after covid?

I fully agree with you and I love family life, big family, human connection and normal relationships. Anyway, I have to contradict on your statement of "respect for your elders". Respect is well deserved and historically elders were the one who accumulated wealth, build hause and give direction to children life. That's not the case recently, since social security the elderly left any attempt to build anything, also didn't care about children and just waiting for state and system to care about them. Yes, they made incredible dept and they let covid to make fools of them - elders should be wise but they truly know nothing as well as their moral is terrible - we will sacrefice kids to give us some chance for survival. That's the reason why nobody respect elders now. They don't have any real reason for that.

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