I could not agree more about the cops. Order followers, the whole lot of them. They are just puppets. The other end of the string is held by the fusion centers, operating out of God knows where.

A few years ago a driver call 911. The dispatcher could not find his location. He wondered if I could help. I took the phone. "Hey, we're along Highway 191, just South of Moab."


"Just South of Moab." You know, Moab Utah, the only sizable town in all of San Juan County, along practically the only paved road in the county. I was completely frustrated. "Give my regards to the White House."


That pretty much sums up America Two-Point-Oh; perverts at the head, dimwits in the middle.

Once upon a time, I worked at a franchise. During breaks, I used to tell my fellow employees my theory of the asshole curve.

The really hard workers never get promoted because nobody can fill their shoes.

The good actors get chummy with the boss and get promoted to an easier supervisory position.

The really good and lazy actors know how to brown nose their way close to the top.

Consequently, the diligent men are running the operation, the supervisors are constantly screwing things up, and the real incompetents are in the home office.

I used to see the proof every day. How many times did I tell a manager: Turning up the oven does not make a potato cook faster. It burns the potato on the outside while it is still raw in the middle. If heat made stuff cook faster, I'd have everything at 1200 degrees and the plate on the table before the customer hit the salad station.

The variations were endless. My second day in the road crew and I'm showing the foreman how to pour concrete. My third day as temporary labor and I am showing an electrician how to wire a three way switch.

By the '90's I was practically running a whole restaurant. In the 2000's I was running a whole restaurant while the rest of the squad was dining on company time.

You welfare moms did a bang-up job raising the Lost Generation. I'll bet bulls have more morals in a pen full of eligible cows.

And you government goonies did a bang-up job creating the welfare moms, and turning whole towns into Section Eight Villas, complete with slumlords who would not know how to operate a lawn mower if their life depended on it.

You might complain about those illegal aliens, but who is going to pick the strawberries, bus the tables, and collect the garbage while you do quality time on Social Media?

So all you soccer moms- get your jabs, and get triple boosted. I'll pray you make it purgatory. But forgive me if I don't mind seeing you roast awhile.

You did a great job ruining my legacy and my future. My Great Great Grandfather lies in a noble grave in the hills of Western PA. I'll probably lie under a pinyon pine and have my bones scattered by the coyotes. Nice knowing ya.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. You are our only hope!

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Dear Donald, as you know I'm not from the States,but I was living there for years,this was from mid nineties till 2008, time enough to give an opinion about my experiences there.

Where I was born there was a dictator, I was living for years in a dictature,but I didn't notice much except for knowing that if more than three people were talking in the street, secret police could come and take you to jail accused of conspiracy, but in general there was freedom, I was smoking pot in the street, and meeting with friends at home to talk about freedom, we could sleep with our door open feeling safe and secure. When the dictator died we had " democracy ", since then we had been going worse till now, where corruption in politics is pervading everything. There in the States you guys had " democracy' always,but it was all an experiment to make people believe they were free.

I love it the sense of freedom I had when living in the States,I could be myself without fear, that was exhilarating,I wanted to live there forever,until 9/11 happened, that took the veil off my eyes, I knew from the very beginning it was all a government designed attack, there were no real planes,but holograms,the explosions came from inside the buildings causing a mass demolition. TV was continuously sending alarm messages of more attacks coming, the militar were everywhere on the street,subway, etc Since then America wasn't anymore for me the land of freedom. A government that can cause such a horrible attack againts their own citizens, was a really evil government. So I took the decision to go back to my own country,where things are far from perfect,but I felt safer .

I'm sorry about the American experiment, because that's what it's,a huge social brainwashing experiment,constantly going on againts their own citizens.

I guess there are worse places to live,like third world countries full of violence and hungry people. But America is not the number one country in the world, the paradise place where everybody is happy,the American dream happens to be a nightmare ,and it's good to wake up and see the reality,no matter how ugly it's,because only the truth shall set you free.

When I love someone,I don't tell them lies, I can see the good and bad and be able to criticize what's wrong so it can change and get better . But when all you are told are lies ,even good lies about how wonderfull and perfect you are, they don't love you,they are manipulating you. It's cover up slavery.

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Nothing is ever what it appears to be. Once you know that, you are a skeptic and you may be able to navigate the horrors of life in America in 2023.

Good luck. It's no better in Canada so don't bother coming here.

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great article, Donald, and i could not agree with you more...the apathetic sheeple of this land do not want to be bothered by reality thinking...they would prefer to have their 'owners' do their critical thinking for them anyway, and so, we drift towards catastrophe...final word?...prep for the worst.

remember the boy scout motto, 'be prepared'?...now the b.s.a. says, 'be inclusive'.

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Dear Donald,

Yes, the US is the most corrupt country in the world, but why is that so? Ever heard of the Jews ruling the US? Were you too scared to mention the Jews in your article?

Here, a few paragraphs from an article by Richard Solomon which will bring you up to date with Jewish Rule in the US. Of course, they only not rule the US, but the entire world in case you didn’t know.


“Today, America’s top exports are war, toxic financial instruments, and Deep State social media. Not even Mad Men’s Don Draper could sell this version of the “American Dream.” The rot is so systemic, the only “cure” left is empire collapse. For America’s citizen-serfs, that won’t be a day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

“Whatever one thinks of 2022 America, or how we got here, one thing is undeniable- Rothschild Zionists (aka neocons) currently run the empire. Look at the makeup of the Biden Administration’s lead managers. But where did it start? Like many of its present maladies, the vector of disease can be traced back to America’s original sin of slavery.

“It was during the US Civil War that the Rothschilds locked their fangs into America’s soft underbelly. Prior to that, the Founding Fathers had managed to keep the Rothschild banker clans at bay. In the 1830’s, President Andrew Jackson (a bad man who did some good things), successfully beat back the international banker assault.

“In her enlightening 1887 book, “Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved The American People,” Sarah E.V. Emery laid out the details of this Rothschild victory. Both North and South borrowed heavily from the Rothschild bankers. After the war, the victorious Union was not only saddled with its own enormous war debt, but also the Confederacy’s.

“By bribing powerful senators, the Rothschilds pushed through laws that astronomically ballooned the debt, making it unpayable, and turning the US into a debtor nation. Some historians believe Lincoln’s assassination was due in part to his plan to repel the Rothschild invasion following the successful reunification of the republic. Post-civil war, American military adventures, at least in large part, have been international banker affairs.

“Once the Rothschilds established their beachhead, it took less than fifty years for the international bankers to gain total control of America’s financial system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. With the help of the eugenics obsessed Rockefellers (an Anglo-Saxon clan who went on to become one of the eight global banking mafia families), and traitor politicians like President Woodrow Wilson and Senator Nelson Aldrich, the financial coup d’état was complete. America was Rothschild, but not yet Zionist.”

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Hello Donald.

Yet again, a clear and concise overview of the terrible reality that is confronting all free thinking independent people, those who refuse to conform to the new so called reality. A reality that see's their democratic governments behave in an autocratic, and fascist manner, where nobody is asked anymore they are ordered and threatened to conform and accept the new fascist tyranny, posing as democracy.

A brave new world where social disorder and aberrant behavior is encouraged, where mass immigration, and the invasions of countless so call refugees is encouraged, and condoned, by the elitist fascists, anything to try and redirect public scrutiny and outrage from the corrupt and incompetent elitist minority who make up the deep state, and the military industrial, intelligence complex.

People should be aware of the fact that agencies that were created to protect them and their civil liberties and rights under the law and constitution, are now being used against them and everything that they were taught to believe in. The command structure of these agencies have been either infiltrated by, or bought off, by the elitists who have incrementally over the proceeding decades

turned those agencies ( FBI, CIA, in fact the entire system of Justice ) into weapons of control, to be used by the corrupt elitist fascists against people who truly believe in democracy, and free thought, people who believe in social cohesion and not the insane socially destructive ideas and attitudes that are tearing society apart. ( The social engineers, the politically correct, and the woke lunatics ).

However, this insane phenomena has not just contaminated the United States, it has infected the entire so called democratic world, their institutions may vary from country, to country, but the contamination remains the same. Totally corrupt, incompetent elitists, right wing, left wing, they have all been consumed by greed, the need for political power, the retention of political power, once they have been elected by an unsuspecting electorate.

They serve a man made construct called the state, an institution that was constructed by politicians, for politicians. Unfortunately for free people around the world, it has been turned into an instrument of oppression, used by the politicians that ordinary free people in their innocents, have elected into office.

It appears to be so much worse today, than ever before, and there is a reason for this. At no time in modern history has the free world been run by such extreme levels of totally corrupt, and incompetent people, Their corruption and thirst for power, power being the vehicle that they use to enrich themselves, at the public expense has no equal in modern history.

And these fascist, elitists, think that they have created the perfect machine to serve their needs, continual war. It not only enriches them, it also gives them the power to strip away peoples civil liberties, and rights, it is a constant distraction, which I suspect is the main reason they like to support every wacko, nut job, who think that only their opinion and wishes need to be addressed, to the total exclusion of everyone else. Those who happen to make up the majority, but hey, lets not get tied up in something that today doesn't seem to matter to people, certainly not the fascist elite.

Why they seem to take so much pride in being an elite, astounds me! I doubt very much that I could actually lower my moral values, or my intellect to such a low level as to become one of them, and what decent human being would want to?


As the old saying goes, a house divided is a house that is more easily broken and controlled.

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True story. And the first time I have seen in print where someone openly stated what a tyrannical "son-of-unwed parents" Lincoln was - besides Thomas DiLorenzo of Mises.org, who really opened my eyes with his articles on Lincoln and the War Between The States/aka War of Northern Aggression. (And no, I am not a Southerner.)

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“Truth is treason, in the Empire of Lies”. -Ron Paul, M.D. Thank you Mr. Jeffries for continually speaking the truth.

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Excellent article, Don. I appreciate the anger and cynicism, as they are fully justified.

Someone (not sure who, maybe St. Augustine) once said that individuals have the right to insist that the society in which they live be a good one. It can assert this right because the Greater can only inform the lesser (and not the reverse, as with, say, the theory of “evolution”). The society must be founded on and dedicated to higher principles and values and thus must forever act on behalf of the people to preserve the moral order.

With that, I would say that if FOUNDED on the eternal principle of The Good, the society will then BE good because it will comprise individuals who are born into and thus INFUSED with that ethic.

America, I think, failed in this regard (or, rather, intentionally so, since “by/of/for the people,” to quote our beloved 16th president, is both a lie and a distraction). In other words, it failed to establish from the beginning its total reliance on God, whereby a gov’t governs best only when it adheres to Universal Principle. In short, GOD governs, people do not, because when left to themselves, the selfish wants and needs of individuals become “ungovernable,” like wild animals.

Once God is forgotten, all is lost. Augustine actually stated it best when he said the choice is between the “City of God” — which loves God to the exclusion of self — or the “City of Man” — which loves self to the exclusion of God.

“Revolutionaries” like the Leftist idiots and their Phoenician benefactors have always loved themselves and hated God. And so they’ve always sought to throw off the “restrictions” imposed on them by the legitimate authorities of church/religion and (true) gov’t (i.e., spiritual and temporal authorities) and thereby gain political control to enable them to do whatever they want – i.e., be given total license to unleash their passions (including rape and plunder). They create or otherwise declare fake “problems” that garner a sympathetic “reaction” (i.e., generates propaganda) and to which collective political “solutions” are then implemented. And it’s all bs, of course.

“Change” is today’s euphemism for “chaos” and is the beloved mantra of revolutionaries. My own indoctrinated father used to celebrate “change” (Obama style) as if it was anything but nihilism, worship of anti-Principle, worship of Chaos.

In America, we got it right (momentarily) in our singular references to a “Creator” in the D. of I. and to “in God we trust” on our…coinage (of all places!) (Gee, I wonder who put that there? And, btw, replace that with “in Money we trust” since that’s the de facto motto of the materialist culture in which we “thrive”). But nowhere is “God” or “Creator” referenced in the Constitution! That should tell us something (i.e., that it was all set up for failure).

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Good rant, Don. Spot on as always.

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I’m reminded of the boiling frog analogy, but not only is the frog not aware of his predicament, other frogs are trying to get in the hot water with him. Anyone not in the water are the climate change deniers, antivaxxers, aka normal people.

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I'm a professional historian: documentation that the US has been and is the most deadly rogue state empire in recorded history: http://web.archive.org/web/20190721111021/https://washingtonsblog.com/2016/04/us-illegal-history-rogue-empire-requiring-arrests-present-introduction-define-rogue-state-perfect-match-us-illegal-wars-aggression-crimes-humanity.html

For more, just start reading after Professor Fetzer's paragraph summary of the news: https://carlbherman.blogspot.com/2023/06/96-minute-video-need-to-know-news-lucid.html

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Found this article,so refreshing to read. Admire your integrity. We, 'the great unwashed' have been manipulated for aeons by vested interests..when I,explain to my medical colleagues re , e.g., the dangers of a certain vaccine, I receive a conditioned midbrain reflex reptilian response, fueled by blind allegiances to their own specific embedded tribal territorialism, indoctrinated by media outlets...the frightened herd is easily led by a still existent unevolving wolf- pack survival mentality ..which includes abusers like the Genghis Khans of our current epoch. The inability to access critical thinking, is locked into our programmes, enabling the predatory side of human nature to continue fighting in the mire, being all they know..a tribalistic pursuit of empty power and everything that's unevolved. This article ..well describes.

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The willfully blind prefer comforting lies to uncomfortable truth, and there is no cure for that.

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An epic rant...one if your best. I figured out a long time ago that most people hate and fear the truth...and they will punish anyone who tries to enlighten them. Add to this sixty years of soft living, opulent consumer goods for even the poorest, no ability to remove oneself from 24/7 propaganda (unless one really, really works at it) and stupid and evil behavior gaining bigger rewards with each passing year...you have a recipe for America 2.0. My only consolation is that partition and the end of American 2.0 is coming much faster than I ever thought.

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"If Russia invaded America 2.0, and took us over, exactly what would change? "

Perfect !

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